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12oz Wine Tumblers with Lids: Because Moms Deserve More Than Just a Glass!

12oz Wine Tumblers with Lids: Because Moms Deserve More Than Just a Glass!

Hey there, fabulous moms and winos! We know you’ve been balancing life, kids, work, and somehow managing to keep a smile on your face (and hopefully a glass of wine in your hand). Here at Gia Roma, we believe you deserve the best, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest must-have: the 12oz stainless steel, insulated wine tumbler with lids!

Trust us, this is not just any tumbler – it’s your new best friend. Now, let’s dive into some burning questions you might have about this wonder product.

1. Can you use a wine tumbler for coffee?

Absolutely! Our wine tumbler is the Swiss Army knife of drinkware. Whether you need that morning coffee to kick-start your day or an evening wine to wind it down, this tumbler has got you covered. Plus, it’ll keep your coffee hot and your wine chilled – talk about versatility! Our wine tumblers even accept vodka, tequila, and any other beverage you can think of ;) 

2. Can you drink wine from a tumbler?

Of course, you can! Our wine tumblers are designed specifically to enhance your wine-drinking experience. The insulated design keeps your wine at the perfect temperature, and the lid ensures you won’t spill a drop – even if you’re chasing after a toddler or dealing with an unexpected mess.

3. How to use a wine tumbler

Using a wine tumbler is as easy as pie (or should we say wine?). Just pour your favorite beverage into the tumbler, pop the lid on, and enjoy. The lid comes with a sliding closure to prevent spills, making it perfect for on-the-go moms who need to keep their drinks secure.

4. How many ounces in a wine tumbler?

Our fabulous wine tumblers hold 12 ounces of your favorite beverage. That’s a generous pour of wine, a large coffee, or even a refreshing iced tea. No need to skimp on your drink when you’ve got one of these!

5. What is a wine tumbler?

A wine tumbler is a portable, insulated cup that’s perfect for wine and other beverages. Ours are made of stainless steel to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature and come with a lid to prevent spills. It’s stylish, practical, and designed with busy moms in mind.

6. What does a wine tumbler do?

Simply put, a wine tumbler makes your life easier. It keeps your drinks at the right temperature for hours, prevents spills with its secure lid, and is durable enough to withstand the chaos of daily life. It’s the superhero of drinkware!

7. Why use a wine tumbler?

Why not? A wine tumbler is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re relaxing at home, having a picnic, or out and about, our wine tumbler keeps your drink just right. It’s stylish, functional, and makes a great gift for any mom who deserves a little luxury in her life.

8. Wine tumbler vs wine glass

Wine tumblers are more durable and versatile than traditional wine glasses. They won’t break if they’re knocked over, they keep your wine at the perfect temperature, and they’re easy to transport. Say goodbye to broken glass and hello to convenience!

9. Wine tumbler vs coffee tumbler

While both tumblers are designed to keep your drinks at the right temperature, our wine tumbler has a more stylish design perfect for both wine and coffee. The lid is also great for preventing spills, making it a bit more versatile than your standard coffee tumbler. Plus our coffee tumblers, we love to go BIG.  It wouldn't be drinking responsible if you had a 40oz tumbler of wine.  Even though we all have those days, where a 40oz tumbler of wine is just what you need. 

10. Wine glass vs tumbler

A wine glass is elegant but fragile, whereas a wine tumbler is practical and durable. Our tumblers are designed to handle the ups and downs of mom life, all while keeping your drink at the perfect temperature. Plus, no more worrying about breaking your favorite glass!

11. How to use a wine tumbler

Using our wine tumbler is a breeze! Pour your drink, secure the lid, and enjoy. The lid ensures no spills, making it perfect for on-the-go moments or just lounging at home. Whether you’re sipping coffee in the morning or wine in the evening, our tumbler is your go-to companion.

So, there you have it! Our new 12oz wine tumblers are a game-changer for any mom who loves a good drink and a good laugh. Grab yours today and elevate your drinkware game – because you deserve nothing but the best!



Shop our Wine Tumblers Here: https://www.gia-roma.com/collections/travel-mugs

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