The Family
Behind Gia Roma

Unapologetically Us


Stay at home mom with a billion dollars, a nanny, 2 chefs, 3 maids, liposuction and a boob job.

Gia Roma was a close 2nd place. Since I'm not a billionaire yet, here we are ;)

Pandemic woes starts gr

Picture this: a journey sparked by the demise of my husband's 15+ year business closing during the pandemic. Merging with a decade of my online graphic design business; becomes the birth of quirky, timeless home goodies. AKA Gia Roma.

Tucked away in Upstate, NY, we're not just an online store; we're a vibe baby!

Gia Roma's gig

We're on a mission to sprinkle laughter into your daily grind, especially in the realm of motherhood.

We swear by a blend of coffee, sarcasm, and you guessed it, more coffee, as the ultimate survival kit for life's rollercoaster ride. Plus life is too short for boring routines!


We're here to gift-wrap giggles, all while keeping your style game strong. Say goodbye to those 'funny' products that clash with your decor.

We're all about making daily struggles relatable, normal (if there is such a thing), and oh-so-chic!

Our goodies aren't just online; they're making waves across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. With thousands of stores stocking our products now!

The Owner

Hey there! I'm Angela, the hot mess mom behind Gia Roma. I live off coffee, have an addiction to Polly-O Cheese Sticks and a naughty late night Ben & Jerry's habit.

The Box stuffer

I'm Chris. Slowly learning that my wife is always right. Obsessed with LFC. I also coach kids Soccer, can fix almost anything, and can fall asleep within 2 seconds of laying down.

Chaos Coordinators

Gia & Parker. Love to give our mom gray hairs + help dad bald by tormenting each other. Gia loves all holidays, chocolate, taking care of others & anything arts/crafts. Parker loves sports, gaming, Hot Cheetos + Ramen.

GET Real and Get Laughing with STYLE + HUMOR

The expectations set by social media for parents, especially mothers, felt overwhelmingly unrealistic to me. The constant portrayal of flawless lives with pristine homes and perfect parenting painted an unattainable picture for most of us.

Our aim, both through our products and our online presence, is to normalize the genuine feelings we all experience. Whether it's admitting to feeling "tired as a mother" or acknowledging when the kids are being "sassholes" – it's about embracing the messiness of real life.

It's perfectly alright not to have everything under control constantly, to feel stressed, and to embrace the chaos.

In my view, laughter acts as a powerful remedy on the toughest days. Additionally, having a supportive community to rely on during these times is invaluable.


As a small business, we are hands on with every product + transaction.

Those that don't meet our high standards, end up on our imperfect page. We believe in full transparency of products.

Made in the USA

A large portion of our products are made here and not imported.

Toxin-Free + Eco-Friendly

We pride ourselves on creating reusable products, recycled materials, reusing packaging, creating amazing toxin-free items. Doing our part to help the planet.


We love our job so much + bringing smiles to faces, we offer free gift wrapping for all retail orders! Which makes Gia Roma Perfect for Gifting!

5 Star Reviews

Products + Customer Service = Rock Star Status. We're talking 5-star reviews across multiple platforms like etsy, our site, faire and more!


A portion of all profits go back into help the community. We donate proceeds to a domestic abuse shelter for women & children, animal shelters and give to youth sports!