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Getting the Perfect Instagram Shot of Your Mug or Anything Else!

Getting the Perfect Instagram Shot of Your Mug or Anything Else!

We all have that one mug - the unique one we bought with the witty or sarcastic
phrase that just screams “put me on Instagram.” Here are a few tips to make sure that shot is perfect.

We’re aware that Gia Roma Lifestyle is packed full of anything and everything you could want to make your home, office, bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else a unique, Instagram-worthy space. With an easy checkout process and fast delivery, you can get one of our clever mugs ready to post within days. Getting your own pictures to look as professional or attractive as the ones you see on your feed takes a little more work.

Here are a few simple tricks used by the best photographers so you can make those smartphone pictures look fresh from the editing desk.

● Lighting is so important.

The two biggest tips for taking excellent photos that are free from shadow and fake-looking light:

  1. First, get outside and into that natural light. If you can’t get outside, then open all the curtains and try and set a photo up close to the windows.
  2. Second, always take photos with the light instead of against it. This means if you’re using a light inside, put it beside you and aiming at your shot. If you’re outside, have the sun behind you. If it’s overcast outside, even better because you won’t have to worry about awkward shadows. Oh, and turn off that flash!

      Adjust your exposure BEFORE you take your picture.

      You may be tempted to take a photo of your favorite sarcastic mug and then do the editing later. You can always lighten up a picture a bit, but you run the risk of overexposure.

      To prevent this, when you’re about to take a shot with your smartphone, swipe your finger up and down to adjust the exposure and lighting. Tapping the brightest spot in the frame, such as a window, light or the white of your mug can also help you improve the exposure. You’ll actually be amazed at the difference it makes.

      Add a little juxtaposition and texture.

      If the mug or item you’re shooting is white, add a little (or a lot of) color into the frame somewhere. If the mug is any other color, you can really improve the shot by choosing an opposite color and adding different items (not too many!) of another color scheme into the frame.
      See how the addition of the colorful donut in this image makes the mug pop?
      It’s not only because the photographer chose an entirely opposite color to shoot beside it (it works!) but because the texture of the donut makes it look 3D and creates a whole new aspect that viewers love.


      We would love to see the images you take of our products! 

      Did you know that Gia Roma makes a list of everyone who tags them & their products on IG?  Then randomly picks a winner to receive a gift card for their site? Share your Gia Roma Product & automatically be entered to win one! Be sure to tag us on Instagram @Gia.Roma

      Check out our collection of witty and clever mugs on the Gia Roma website here.

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