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The support and stability of the Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow has been understood in Japan for centuries. The buckwheat hulls shift within the pillow molding the surface to the unique curvature of your neck, cradling the head perfectly as it aligns the spine. By keeping the spine in the neutral position and supporting the neck and head, the pillow relieves strain and stress in the muscles, and naturally opens airways, which provides an uninterrupted and more restorative sleep and can also help with neck pain, headaches, and snoring.

Organic 100% botanical buckwheat hulls do not retain heat; their granular nature allows air to pass through and surround them, keeping your head cool during the night. Unlike many other pillow fills, Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillows will not collapse or lose volume while you sleep, providing sustained support for the neck, head, and shoulders all night long.