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Introducing the "Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee to Focus" 40oz Tumbler – the magical potion for banishing morning grogginess and summoning productivity! 🎩✨☕

Ever feel like you need a sprinkle of fairy dust and a dash of caffeine just to jumpstart your brain in the morning? Well, fear not, because with this enchanting tumbler in hand, you can transform your sleepy haze into laser-focused productivity!

But wait, there's more! We've included a lid and straw, because even the most skilled sorcerers can't handle spills while concocting their morning brew. Plus, the built-in handle ensures that whether you're brewing potions in the kitchen or casting spells at your desk, your tumbler stays securely in your grip.

And let's talk about that incantation – "Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee to Focus" – because who needs ancient spells when you have the power of caffeine on your side? Whether you're sipping on your morning brew or channeling your inner wizard during a late-night study session, this tumbler is your trusty wand for staying on task.

So go ahead, don your wizard hat and grab your "Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee to Focus" 40oz Tumbler – because when it comes to conquering the day, a little bit of magic (and a lot of caffeine) can go a long way! 🧙‍♂️✨☕


  • 40oz mug with Matte Finish
  • Double insulated, sweat proof
  • 3 in 1 lid - sip, straw, guzzle (removable and rotating lid), clear lid
  • White graphic (single sided), Design on front, blank on back. 
  • Orange Exterior, Stainless Steel Interior
  • Plastic Straw included
  • BPA, Lead + Phthalate Free
  • Hand Designed by Gia Roma
  • Hand wash only to prevent lid or design damage 
  • do not microwave 
  • Wash before use + Avoid Abrasive Cloths/Sponges when cleaning
  • Use Caution with hot liquids
  • Keeps Liquid Cold 16+ hours
  • Keeps Liquid Warm 12+ hours
  • Do Not Use to Store Milk, Baby Food or Carbonated Drinks