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Ray of Sunshine PRE-ORDER

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Introducing the "I'm a Ray of F***ing Sunshine" 40oz Tumbler – the ultimate mood booster for those days when you're radiating sass instead of sweetness! ☀️💥

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed and think, "Today, I'm less sunshine and more thunderstorm"? Well, fear not, because with this tumbler in hand, you can embrace your inner badass with every sip! With enough room to hold all the liquid empowerment you need to conquer the day, you'll be shining bright like a swear-laden beacon of light.

But wait, there's more! We've equipped this tumbler with a lid and straw, because even when you're feeling like a storm cloud, you still deserve spill-free sipping. Plus, the built-in handle ensures that even when life throws shade, your tumbler stays securely in your grip.

Who needs rainbows and butterflies when you can have a healthy dose of attitude? Whether you're sipping on your morning coffee or enjoying a cocktail with a side of sarcasm, this tumbler is your perfect companion in the sunshine and the shade.

Sometimes, a little bit of attitude is just what the world needs! 🌈🥤


  • 40oz mug with Matte Finish
  • Double insulated, sweat proof
  • 3 in 1 lid - sip, straw, guzzle (removable and rotating lid), clear lid
  • Black graphic (single sided), Design on front, blank on back. 
  • Cream Exterior, Stainless Steel Interior
  • Plastic Straw included
  • BPA, Lead + Phthalate Free
  • Hand Designed by Gia Roma
  • Hand wash only 
  • do not put in microwave 
  • Wash before use + Avoid Abrasive Cloths/Sponges when cleaning
  • Use Caution with hot liquids
  • Keeps Liquid Cold 12+ hours
  • Keeps Liquid Warm 10+ hours
  • Do Not Use to Store Milk, Baby Food or Carbonated Drinks